Repairing your Dishwasher or Replacing

Repair vs Replace is an argument that a lot of people go over when they have a problem with their dishwasher. There are several factors that you have to look at, the first is the age of your dishwasher. The average life expectancy of a dishwasher is 9-16 years, so if your dishwasher is closer to 9 years old repair is a better way to go, and 16 replacement, but repair could still be an option at 16 or later. The other part you have to look at is what went wrong and what the cost is going to be. If your dishwasher stopped working because of a faulty plug, the insides could still last a few more years and a plug is easy and cheap to replace. If your dishwasher broke down by destroying the inside, than you will have to replace it. The last thing you should look at is the overall value. A new dishwasher is more reliable, but it also has a higher cost than a dishwasher that is paid off, or almost paid off.

Dishwasher Life Expectancy

The biggest factor in repair vs replacement is how long it will last. Because the minimum life expectancy is 9 years you can be confident that you won’t need to replace your dishwasher in that time, but it could still need some repairs. The amount of times that a dishwasher is used is the biggest part in how long it will last. A dishwasher that is constantly being used won’t last as long as dishwasher that is rarely used. When you’re thinking of repairing or replacing you need to decide how often you use your dishwasher. Once a week is regular use, while once a day is heavy use. The more you use your dishwasher the more you should be looking at replacement. Regular maintenance is also part of this, as a well maintained dishwasher will last longer as well. If you are a heavy dishwasher user and have your dishwasher maintained regularly, it could last longer than a dishwasher that is rarely used and not maintained.

Dishwasher Repair Cost Elk Grove Village

The other major factor in repair vs replacement is the cost of the repair. Obviously the higher the cost the more likely replacement is better. The component that went bad is also just as important as cost though. Lots of people believe that if a major component goes bad, that the rest of the dishwasher will go bad. This is not always the case. If a major component goes back like a pump or motor, replacing it could give you more years out of your dishwasher. The biggest part you have to look at with repairs is how likely a part that went bad damaged another component. If your old motor went back because it bent, then the components that it touched would have also gone bad. If a motor just burnt out, the odds that the components that it touched being good are better. An expert technician like the ones at A Appliance Xperts can let you know what they find when inspecting your dishwasher. Replacement parts for your dishwasher can play a big part in it as well. If the parts for your dishwasher have been discontinued, the costs of repairing your dishwasher has increased dramatically.

Dishwasher Value

Obviously newer appliances have more dollar value than older ones, but that is not the only value you need to look at. When you have an older dishwasher that is paid off the dishwasher is saving you a payment every month that it keeps going. Like cars when the costs of repairs become more than a payment every month, then you should look at replacing it. That is not the only factor in repair vs replacement. How you like your dishwasher is also a factor. Does your dishwasher match the rest of your kitchen and replacing it means that the new one will stand out, or does your dishwasher have features you like that are hard to find on newer dishwashers. These are non-monetary values that are harder to put into a formula.

Dishwasher Repair Elk Grove Village

So the repair vs replacement argument is still not simple. Often times it also has to do with your financial situation. The people at A Appliance Xperts can help with both though. They can help get your dishwasher back up and running, or help you replace your dishwasher as well. Knowledge is always important either way and A Appliance Xperts can give you the knowledge you need to make your choice. Not in Elk Grove Village? A Appliance Xperts can help you with your dishwasher repairs in Des Plaines, Palatine, Libertyville, and all other Chicago Suburbs for your appliance repair service needs.