Dishwasher Repair Arlington Heights

Many appliances use water to do the job that they were built to do. A huge problem is that sometime after your dishwasher has used that water to do the job there is some standing water that is left over. This is a major issue when it is left standing for a while as it could cause a health hazard by allowing bacteria and mold to thrive. The key to figuring out what might be wrong is knowing how water is supposed to leave and what you can do. The specialists at A-Appliance Xperts have been helping people with their dishwasher repair and service needs in Arlington Heights.

First step

The first part of the drainage system for the dishwasher is gravity. The bottom of the dishwasher is designed to funnel the water towards a single point. Over the years food and other deposits can form and cause the flow of water to stop. This is due to the deposits becoming as high as the surrounding area allowing the water to have a level area to fill. By removing the deposits and running the dishwasher again, the water should be removed, though if the deposits were not causing the water to not drain then running the dishwasher again could cause it to overflow.

Second step

The next point the water goes is a pump inside the dishwasher. Because the water is pumped into the dishwasher it means that the natural flow of water might not be enough to drain quickly enough to prevent overflowing. Years of use can cause these pumps to become clogged or wear out. When that occurs then the pump will not drain the water as quickly if at all. The pump most often will have to be replaced by a trained technician.

Last step

The last point that could cause the water to fail to drain is the drainage line. Because food particles and soap are cleaned off by the dishwasher, it can build up inside the drainage line and clog it. When this occurs the water will build up in the line and then back up into the dishwasher. To fix this issue the line will have to be cleared with one of many methods.

Appliance Repair Arlington Heights

So when you’re looking for someone to help you with your dishwasher or other home appliances, give A-Appliance Xperts a call. Their knowledgeable staff can help you with all your appliance repair needs, and if your appliance is too old or cannot be repaired, they can help you with replacing your appliances. So don’t wait until your problem grows into a big one.