Dishwasher Repair Lombard

Dishwashers make life easier. The problem is that like most machines, a dishwasher can run into problems. With all the various parts and equipment that comprise dishwashers, they can break down quite easily. Most dishwashers have a life expectancy of 7-10 years. Some simple steps can let you know what kind of problem you have. Dishwashers are designed to function in specific steps to ensure that everything stays safe and your dishes are cleaned. When things are not working correctly, there can be significant problems that will leave with you dirty dishes, and a mess to clean up. Of the issues that your dishwasher could have, these are the most common:

  • Broken parts
  • Clogged pipe
  • Worn Sensor
  • Improper Installation

Dishwasher Problems Lombard

No dishwasher lasts forever. Even with light use, time can cause problems that will cause your dishwasher to stop working. Gears dry out, motors wear out, and parts break. Replacing these parts can be simple, or a complicated job depending on where they are located, and if they damaged other parts when they broke down. Troubleshooting a broken piece is an arduous task, as the best way to find it is to physically look. Finding a broken part takes time and a trained eye to spot even the smallest problems, though bigger ones are easier to see. However, there are warning signs that you can spot that will show that your dishwasher is breaking down:

  1. Water Isn’t Draining – After running the dishwasher is there still a pool of water in the bottom of the machine?  This can mean that the drain is no longer working, but don’t worry! Sometimes this is because the bits of food and other particles that go into the drain might be blocking it.  Double check to ensure there is nothing blocking the drain, and then run the cycle again with nothing in it and see if the water is still there.
  2. Your Door Doesn’t Latch – If the door of your dishwasher is no longer latching or closing properly your dishwasher just won’t run.  Double check the door and call for a quick repair, this is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new dishwasher.
  3. Rust:  When you are cleaning the floor underneath or behind the dishwasher, and there are rust specks that you see, this is a sign that water is leaking out of your dishwasher that you can’t see.  If you spot rust on the inside of your dishwasher, double check to make sure that there were no metal pans touching the inside of the dishwasher. Just run the cycle again with an addition of some citric acid and those spots inside will clear right up if this was the case.
  4. Dishes Don’t Come Out Hot – Depending on the type of dishwasher you have, or the cycle setting you set it to, your dishes can be HOT when you remove them from the dishwasher.  If this isn’t happening, that is a good sign that the heating coil inside your machine is breaking down.
  5. Clunking or Clanging – Old methods are sometimes still the best methods to tell whether or not your dishwasher is breaking down.  If you hear clunking or clanging then this is a great sign that your dishwasher is breaking down. Most times, however, this is usually a part or a simple fix that you can employ.
  6. Wrong Installation –  Wrong installation is another reason why your dishwasher isn’t working.  Because it deals with water, having your dishwasher tilted the wrong way can leave water standing in the bottom and causing a potential health risk. Another problem could be with the electrical hookup. A loose wire can cause a short which can lead to a potential house fire. So don’t take the risk of doing it yourself, or using some discount company

It takes years of experience for an expert appliance repair technician to be able to notice these problems, and that is the kind of dedication A Appliance Xperts uses. Our Technicians can help diagnose and repair any problem on any model of dishwasher.

Dishwasher Repair V. Replacement

One of the biggest questions you will have to ask yourself is whether or not you will have to repair or replace your dishwasher when it breaks down.  Repair or replacement will always come down to cost for your family and home in Lombard versus the time length. So here are a few things to consider if you are deciding between repairing or replacing your dishwasher.

  1. Cost of the Repair – Obviously, the cost of the repair is going to matter when it comes to the repair process.  A Appliance understands after serving Lombard for many years that you want to save your dishwasher without breaking your piggy bank.  That is why we train our technicians to give you the best service for the best price so we can help you get your dishwasher back immediately
  2. Love:  It’s true, sentiment always gets in the way of replacing older units.  If you love your dishwasher then fix it! We can help. We can always help making your dishwasher work like new again and are always on hand to do so.  Let us take care of your favorite dishwasher and ensure it is working properly again.
  3. Energy Efficiency – If you are looking to save some money on your electric bills every month, then a new energy efficient model is the way to go.  
  4. Time: If your dishwasher is more than 15 years old then it is time to invest in a new one.  There are energy efficient models and more technologically advanced units out there that will suit your needs. However, if your unit is under 10 years then repair is the way to go.  Repair is a fraction of the cost of buying a new dishwasher. A Appliance Xperts also continuously trains their technicians on all makes and models so we are always up to date on the fastest and cheapest way to repair your dishwasher.

Appliance Repair Lombard

Dishwashers make modern life more comfortable when they work correctly when they don’t that is where we step in. A Appliance Experts has been helping Lombard for over 35 years. Our dedication and trained technicians have helped us to succeed and provide people with the best service around. Same day service and a quality guarantee mean you don’t have worry about if your dishwasher or other major appliances will be fixed. Give us a call 7 days a week, even on holidays, the moment your appliances start giving you trouble.