Appliance Repair When You Need It

A-Appliance Xperts is here for you when you need us.  When you call us, you know that you are calling a reliable and reputable business to take care of your appliance needs. A-Appliance Xperts is ready to take your call so that you don’t have to live without the appliances you depend on for too long.

When it comes to appliance repair, we are the experts.  We will handle everything from Dishwashers to Dryers, to Washing Machines, and more.  Your appliances will not be down for long because when we go out on a house call, we take our equipment with.  We are fast, we are local, and we are ready to help you when you need it.

Appliance Repair v. Appliance Replacement

Appliances can break down because of any number of reasons. Some because of age, some because of parts, and some just general wear and tear of the machine. However, it is important to learn about the benefits of appliance repair before you think about a replacement.  Some of the benefits of repair are:

  1. Saves Money:  A new appliance, depending on the make and model of what you are trying to replace can be way more expensive than repairing the one you already have.  Dependant on age and conditioning repair makes much more sense.  If your dryer, washing machine, fridge, is only 5-6 years old, then you can repair the appliance and it can work just as good as if you were to replace it.  However, if your appliance is over 20 years old and repairing doesn’t make sense then A-Appliance Xperts Inc. will let you know when that situation arises.
  2. Save Time – A-Appliance Xperts Inc. will come to your home and repair the appliance in front of you.  We have all the parts we need, stocked in order to eliminate the need to keep driving and back and forth between job sites and our home base. You can repair your current appliance much faster than shopping, price checking, comparing, and finally waiting on delivery for your appliance.
  3. Extended Life – Some appliances just work better than others.  When you can extend the life of an appliance that has worked for years and you love then you are winning all day.
  4. Simple Solutions – A-Appliance Xperts will make sure to work with you and explain the problems with your appliance so you can make the decision.  Most times appliance repair are easy to isolate and easily repaired.


Appliance Services

A-Appliance Xperts employs the best-skilled trained professionals to repair your appliances.  Furthermore, all of our technicians go through continual training in order to be up to date on all the repair options and repair systems for each make and model of appliance.  We specialize in everything from Whirlpool to Kenmore.  We even employ skilled technicians to service your sub zero fridges and more. When it comes to appliances you want to leave it to use!  We have experience repair all sorts of appliances including:

Kitchen Appliances:  Refrigerators, stoves, oven, oven ranges, dishwashers and more.  A-Appliance Xperts can come in and take on these beasts no problem at all.  Just leave the work to us so that we can get your kitchen back up in working order as soon as possible.

Laundry Room Appliances:  Washing machines, dryers, and more are no problem for A-Appliance Xperts.  Let us come in and repair your appliances in the laundry room so you can get back to what you need to be doing.  Trust the service you can rely on in order to help in the rooms of your house.

Appliance Repair Schaumburg

So if you have appliances that need to be repaired in any room in the home, call on us, the experts at appliance repair; A-Appliance Xpert Inc.  We will ensure that your home is back up and running with the appliances you need.  However, even if you don’t choose us, make sure you investigate the appliance first and determine if it needs to be repaired before replacing.  You can be saving yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars by choosing a qualified repair business of just replacing the unit.