Dishwasher Repair

Problems with home appliances is something that anyone who uses them will encounter. It is unavoidable with machines. The problems that come up are not always signs that something disastrous is occurring, but can be fixed by simple means. Though when those problems can not be easily fix. The experts at A Appliance Xperts in can be there to help.

When an appliance does not do what it was designed to do, it can be very frustrating. Often times that means you have to do more work that you were counting on the appliance to do. Dishes and Glasses and silverware coming out dirty means you either have to wash them again by hand, or run the dishwasher one more time costing you more money. The simple thing to look at for this is how clean the dishwasher is on the inside. Over time food and soap residue can build up on the inside of a dishwasher. If this occurs, it is necessary to clean the food and soap residue out. Once these are removed running the dishwasher again will tell you if that was the problem. If items continue to come out dirty, the problem might be more invasive than just cleaning.

Kitchen in modern home

Kitchen in modern home

It’s Louder Than the Day it Was Installed

Most people would love to have a completely silent dishwasher, but with a motor and spraying water that is a tall order to fill. After years of running and depending on how often they are ran, could cause parts to wear out and cause more nose than the day it was installed. There are two components that cause these noise problems. The water pump which increases the water pressure to help blast food off of your dishes, and the blades that spin around. On the water pump bearings can wear down and can cause a scraping nose or high pitch squealing sound. These often can be replaced easily by a technician. The other type of noise you might hear is a clanging or banging noise. These is caused by the blade at the bottom of the dishwasher. The blade can sometimes become loose inside the dishwasher and hit the drawers or the heating element inside the dishwasher.

Dishwater Stays in the Bottom

Water not draining out can not only be annoying, but could potentially overflow into the room where the dishwasher is located, often the kitchen. A small pump is often used by dishwashers to drain out the water quickly. Those pumps can sometimes wear out over the years and need to be replaced. It could also be as simple as making sure that it has not become stuck or that there is not a clog inside. If there is water in the drainage line outside the dishwasher than the problem is not that pump. Clogs can form in any drainage line where solids items can be found. If the line is not draining than it will have to be unclogged which can be a complicated and messy process.

Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

Under the sink garbage disposal unit .

Under the sink garbage disposal unit .

The most annoying problem with all appliances is when they either stop working and won’t start back up, or do not start in the first place. Dishwashers are no exception to this and even though the process of cleaning your dishes can be done by hand, a dishwasher saves you time and effort. Because dishwashers rarely move the chances of the cord being pulled out are very slim, but that doesn’t mean to not check. Another problem that is not with the dishwasher itself is if the circuit breaker or fuse tripped. Resetting/Replacing that will bring the power back on and allow your dishwasher to start working, of course the final check to see if it is your power line or dishwasher is to plug a working electronic device into the same plug that the dishwasher was in and seeing if that works. If it still doesn’t than a problem could have occurred with the wires, if it works than you have to look at your dishwasher. Because of the complex electrical systems and the proximity to water the chances of something shorting out are greater than those appliances that do not use wat

er. A technician from A Appliance Xperts can help you determine what exactly the problem is and options on fixing it or replacing it.

Dishwasher Maintenance 

The first step to knowing if you need to repair or replace your dishwasher is by having an expert come out and take a look at it. A Appliance Xpters in (2) can do just that. Servicing the Chicagoland area they have the knowledge and knowhow to help you with your problem. Putting off fixing a problem with your dishwasher is not only an inconvenience, it can pose a potential health problem as well as germs and bacteria can build up inside.