Thawing Issues

When your freezer stops working it can be a real scare. Not only do you have to deal with the frozen item thawing and spoiling, there is also water that leaks from all the thawing ice and other items. This makes getting your freezer repaired quickly important, and A Appliance Xperts can help. There are three typical problems that you can encounter when your freezer doesn’t work properly, or not at all. These problems are with the:

  • Power
  • Cooler
  • Insulation
  • Electronic Components

All of these problems can be fixed by the trained technicians at A Appliance Xperts for you.

More Power

When the freezer doesn’t have enough power, the motor and everything could still run, just not as well as it should. If it is not running at all,you might want to check a few things before calling. An easy check to figure out if you need an appliance repair technician or an electrician is to plug something you know works into the same outlet as the freezer, if it works thank you need to call a local Schaumburg appliance repair technician. If your freezer is part of a refrigerator, and only the freezer is not working, than an appliance repair technician is the right call. These simple troubleshooting steps can help you make the right call.

Motoring not so much

There can be two motors on a freezer that can go bad. These are on the compressor and condenser, which are both key components to the proper operation of you freezer. Over time the motors can wear out and break down. When the compressor motor breaks down the coolant that is inside the freezer will not cycle properly inside. This will prevent the heat from being pulled out from inside the freezer properly and can even cause heat to backflow into the freezer. If the condenser fan goes out then your freezer could still work, just not as well as it should. Since the coolant is allowed to cycle through the system, the fins or other heat dissipation methods on the condenser will allow some heat to escape. Though if the heat does not dissipate enough through the condenser, then cooling system could potentially become a heating system as heat building up in the condenser and other components as they heat up the coolant.

Just another crack in the wall

While the inside of a freezer is designed to withstand the freezing temperatures inside. It is possible that over time a crack can form. This can be due to rough handling of items inside the freezer or possible manufacturing defects, though these are only a few ways cracks can form. These can be found usually by a visual inspection of the freezer once thawed. These cracks can be fixed if need be, though it might be better to replace the freezer, depending on how big the crack is and where it is located.

Other issues

Like most machines with complex electronics, they can go bad. Thermostats to timers there are a number of components that can break down or fail to work properly. Fixing these often require specialized knowledge into the inner workings of the freezer, while others might need to be replaced one component at a time to discover which was causing the issue. There is also a chance that one component going back can cause a cascade effect, where more components can become damaged. In addition to the components, the refrigerant in the line can also leak out. This is more common in older freezers, where the seals could wear out. Proper addition of refrigerant is something a properly trained technician should handle.

Freezer Maintenance Schaumburg

One of the things that most people don’t think of is maintenance on your freezer. Appliance maintenance is often a service that most homeowners do not think about, and that could lead to needing things like freezer repair. A Appliance Xperts can make sure that you avoid having your freezer break down in the first place by checking and making sure that your freezer is working properly, and that the parts are well oiled and not falling apart. Give A Appliance Xperts a call and have them take a look at your freezer today!